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UK- France – Germany – Australia

be-a-chameleon-nadegeNadege Welsch


Member of the IAF & Sietar UK



MA in Global Risk Management & MSc in Business Psychology

Be-a-Chameleon founder Nadege Welsch is a Business Psychologist, Systemic Coach and Intercultural consultant.

She has lived, studied and worked in diverse countries such as Cameroon, France, Germany, Spain and Singapore.

Having previously worked for a multinational company based in Germany, Nadege is well versed in the challenges that cross-cultural communication brings. On leaving the corporate world Nadege founded Be-a-Chameleon to help other expatriates and global managers adapt to unfamiliar environments and understand how to fit in to a new culture.

Nadege´s success lies in helping hundreds of expatriates and global managers adapt to their new environment and helping out many teams find cohesion and harmony and thus enhanced performance.

Nadege’s success lies in assisting hundreds of expatriates and global managers to adapt to their new environment. She has helped many teams learn to work together in order to increase performance.

be-a-chameleon-vanessa-welschVanessa Welsch


MA in Entrepreneurial Management & MSc in Organisational Coaching

Vanessa has lived, worked and studied in Africa, France, Germany, Spain and Australia.

She is an experienced human resources professional and organisational coach with over six years’ experience in both larger and smaller organisations across multiple industries.

During her career, much of Vanessa’s work has been based on the Talent Management Lifecycle, making her a valuable partner in key areas such as Leadership & Career Coaching, Learning & Development Solutions, HR Consulting, and Recruitment & Selection.

Her success with clients lies in helping organisations improve their performance through their people, as well as helping individuals thrive in their career and life in general.

Nicoletta Paraskeva


MSC in European Politics

Nicoletta is a Careers Consultant who empowers individuals and groups to make informed decisions about their careers.

She has experience in a range of challenging and varied roles which have helped to build her expertise in employability, life skills, mentoring and the career landscape.

Through advising and supporting managers and colleagues, leading teams and delivering large-scale training and employment programmes she has helped hundreds of people to achieve their potential. One of her biggest achievements is setting up a work experience programme which empowers young people from less advantaged backgrounds.

Christina Maragkaki


BA in Psychology, MSc in Psychology specializing in Mental Health, Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy, Certification as Coach Practitioner

A yellow lemon will always be yellow; however, depending on the lenses that we wear, such as blue, can change the way we perceive it from yellow to green. Culture is the same thing. Sees and perceives reality in a very unique and different way, and that is why it is very important to understand and embrace it.
I personally have experienced many different cultures, as I had and still have the chance of living in different parts of the world, from North America to Europe and Southeast Asia, which has allowed me to develop flexibility, multicultural skills and has stretched my learning agility, helping me in better understanding human nature.

I am currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I am a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and a Life Coach.

be-a-chameleon-sylvaine-cussacSylvaine Cussac


BA in Translation and Interpreting, MA in Translation and International Relations

Sylvaine has lived, studied and worked in France, Germany and the USA.
She is a certified French translator working from English and German into French; she has over seven years of hands-on experience in the translation field within international work environments.

Sylvaine studied in the UK and then worked for four years in the USA at the World Bank in Washington DC; she also worked for three years as a translator and proofreader for a translation agency in Berlin.

While living abroad Sylvaine not only became fluent in German and English, but also gained an understanding of each country’s political, religious and social influences – she feels that this understanding is vital for providing accurate and faithful translations.

Sylvaine is passionate about learning new foreign languages and continues to travel to discover new cultures.

Natalia Guerscovich Kupfer


MA in Human Resources, ICF Coach, NLP Practitioner

Natalia was born and raised in Argentina and lived for 9 years in Brazil.
She has over 10 years’ experience in the area of coaching, cultural awareness training, negotiation and leadership skills training. Natalia helps individuals to maximize their performance and objectives based on their own strengths and abilities.
She is a Senior Coach for ICI Brazil (programme recognized by the ICF), she is also a certified NLP practitioner.
Natalia works very closely with Be-a-chameleon on tailored cultural awareness trainings and delivery of country-specific workshops for Latin America.

Kathryn Downham


BA in French and German, MA in Translation

Kathryn has knowledge of many languages including French, German, Spanish, Italian and Norwegian.


She spent 3.5 years working as a medical translator and 10 years working as a translation Project Manager. She is an accomplished proofreader. In addition to language qualifications she also holds a Secretarial Diploma and is due to complete her Freelance Journalism Diploma at the end of 2016.


She enjoys learning new languages and understanding different cultures.

Bertrand Beauregard


Ingénieur, DESS CAAE (Management), Licence de psychologie, Master Coach, Coach Certifié PCC, MBTI Partitionner, Kinésiologue, Hypnotherapist, Sytemic constellator and coach, FTI Master (Firewalk)

Bertrand Beauregard is the CEO of Institut International de Coaching Humaniste (IICH) in France. PCC certified by the International Coach Federation, Bertrand is an enthusiastic and passionate executive & Team coach. He is also a brief-strategy-therapist with Hypnosis. He runs a human values based coaching & Hypnosis school. Socially committed, IICH also develops its CSR activities in Nepal training and coaching social entrepreneurs. At IICH, they developed an innovative assessment called HOVTA which helps corporates to hire, coach and manage the talents with a sense of purpose.

Aside from these activities, Bertrand is an adventure motorbike rider, a drummer, a meditator and a global traveler where he loves to learn from cultures and local people.

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