Be A Chameleon | Visiting Myanmar – Day 1, Yangon
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Visiting Myanmar – Day 1, Yangon

Visiting Myanmar – Day 1, Yangon

Dear all,
we are back from our trip around Asia ! We would like to share with you the discoveries we have made and share stories as well as photographs of our 8 days of travel across Myanmar.

We are going to start off with our arrival at Yangon (former Capital of Myanmar but today it is the administrative capital).

We traveled on 30th July 2012 from Singapore to Yangon and arrived in Yangon at around 4pm. The weather was rainy but it did not stop us enjoying and taking in the beautiful sights of the city.

What was interesting when we first arrived at the airport was the organisation and cleanliness of the airport. As we had ordered a visa on arrival, we headed to the visa counter and in less than 10 minutes had everything ready and could meet our guide at the baggage claim.

Once we had collected the luggage we made our way outside of the terminal to take the car and go drop our luggage to the hotel. Everyone was very friendly, smiling and very helpful. One thing one has to note though if one wants to keep in touch with one´s family ! Roaming is not working, during our entire stay we had no network coverage at all, so we leased a sim card at the airport to be able to call our family.

After dropping our luggage at the hotel we made our way to the Schwedagon pagoda which is the biggest in Yangon. We were lucky to have a dry spell to enjoy and take in the magnificence of the temple.

Our first impression when entering the Pagoda was that we were taken by a flow of positive energy coming from the holy ground on which the Pagoda was built, this lasted the entore time we were visiting the pagoda.
On some of the pictures you will notice that the monk is in the first row to pray, then you have the male disciples and at the back the women. This is due to the influence of Indian buddhism that is still anchored in the hearts of the Burmese, however men and women are regarded as equal, so this is just visible when people pray in the temples.

An interesting fact is that on top of the pagoda you can find rubies and diamonds, one of the biggest diamonds is on the tip of the pagoda. Some of you might think, how is it that such precious stones are still there and not have been stolen ! Well I imagine that this is due to the buddhist religion and the good virtue of the people of Myanmar.

We spent about 2 hours browsing around the pagoda and taking in the rituals and observing the people. We will have more stories on Buddhism in our next posts, so if you are interested please do not hesitate to visit our blog.

After our wonderful walk around Schwedagon Pagoda and taking a few pictures we went for a local dinner which was delicious (the curry in Myanmar is very subtle and delicate !) and then headed back to the hotel as we had to take an early flight to Bagan the next morning.

Bagan is the birthplace of Burmese buddhism, please stay tuned for interesting insights and stories !


    Posted at 13:21h, 30 août Répondre

    Merci pour votre carte !! Bzzz, sylvie Geronimi. ————————————

  • massi
    Posted at 15:16h, 30 août Répondre

    Very interesting to hear your stories, also about your cultural impact as it is such a “new” country in many ways…keep posting!

    • nadegechameleon
      Posted at 07:30h, 03 septembre Répondre

      Thank you Massi, I shall continue to share with all of you !!

  • Natalia
    Posted at 07:25h, 03 septembre Répondre

    Thank you Nadege! Your post was so revealing for me!, I’m never been in this part of the world!

    • nadegechameleon
      Posted at 07:30h, 03 septembre Répondre

      Dear Natalia! I am glad you enjoyed it, the next posts will be interesting as well ;-))

  • Rica's Rucksack
    Posted at 14:41h, 11 septembre Répondre

    Hi! I’m heading to Myanmar in November. May I know how much you paid for accommodation? (in Bagan and Mandalay)

    • nadegechameleon
      Posted at 17:18h, 11 septembre Répondre

      Hi, you can find accommodation for all budgets! I went there on an organized trip but the most you would pay if you want for example a fancy hotel would be around 150usd, however it goes from 20 and above I am sure you will have no problems to find cheaper if you stay with locals . You also have youth hostels, it all depends on what you want to spend and which comfort you want to have! I hope this helps!

      • Rica's Rucksack
        Posted at 15:12h, 12 septembre Répondre

        Thanks for replying! But are there hostels below 20Usd? 10 to 15USD is actually my budget. yikes!

        • nadegechameleon
          Posted at 16:26h, 12 septembre Répondre

          I am sure there are !!! Best would be to research on the net and maybe contact other people that have traveled there as well to meet your budget !
          Hope this helps !

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