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Career Development & Coaching

How to lead effectively across cultures

Finding the right people to cope with increasing demands in a complex business environment can be a challenge.
Our career development workshops can identify clear career paths, realise your employees’ potential and ultimately lead to better business.

Career Development

Help individuals develop their employability to secure employment or progress in their careers.

Organisational Coaching

Organisational Coaching will help managers and employees to build on their strengths, increase their skills, and develop their confidence.

Systemic Coaching

Systemic Coaching will help managers identify any shortcomings, deal with negative patterns and set achievable targets for career progression.

Our trainers are adept at enabling individuals and organisations to reach their fullest potential through exercises, discussions and experience sharing, and original workshops.

Career Development


  LEARN about the current status of the labour market and the most sought-after skills

  UNDERSTAND the skills needed for current & future roles

  GAIN an insight into potential career paths based on your own needs and preferences

Structure of the workshop

This workshop will help you:

  • Write successful job applications
  • Improve your interview skills
  • Discover your own career path

Benefits of this workshop

  • Better understanding of the job application process, interviews and assessment days
  • Being one step ahead of thousands of other professionals
  • Understanding of the skills you already have
  • Awareness of your ideal job requirements

Format & how to book

Career Development coaching can be provided for individual topics or as an all-in-one workshop that lasts 1-3 hours. One-on-one coaching can also be provided, dealing with resume writing, interview skills and goal setting.

Send us an email to find out more about career development, or book with us now


Organisational Coaching


  LEARN about how you fit within the organisation and how you can contribute to its vision and strategy

  UNDERSTAND your work environment to regain motivation, achieve your desired outcomes and develop personally and professionally

  GAIN a greater awareness of your strengths; increase your confidence and skills

How it works

Some of the topics that can be explored are:

  • Returning to work after maternity leave
  • Career planning and transition
  • Team management and engagement
  • High-potential support
  • Developing specific skills (e.g. personal development including communication skills and business partnering)

Benefits of organisational coaching

There are many benefits of coaching which include, but are not limited to:

From the perspective of the organisation

  • Allows for full use of an employee’s potential
  • Higher organisational performance and/or productivity
  • Motivates employees intrinsically


From the perspective of the individual

  • Increased performance
  • Increased openness to learning and development
  • Improved relationships with colleagues and other departments

Format & how to book

Coaching can be provided in a group setting or more commonly as a one-on-one interaction.

Email us now to find out more about our coaching services or to book a session with us.


Systemic Coaching


  To regain control of your life and let go of negative beliefs and behaviour, whether in your work life of your private life

A few ideas on what we can work with using systemic coaching

  • Are you facing challenges in your relationships and are not quite sure where you are heading or what you should do?
  • Is something holding you back, but you are unsure what that something is?
  • Are you looking to start a new career or change jobs but are not sure it is the right decision or right moment to do so?
  • Would you like to start on a healthy lifestyle but do not know where to start?
  • Would you like to be more confident both in your private and work life?
  • Do you feel you are self-sabotaging but can´t figure out why?

Examples of what you can explore through Systemic Coaching

  • Relationship building
  • Trust and confidence
  • The founder´s role in his/ her company
  • Team cohesion


Feel free to speak to us to find out more about how we can help you and your company/ team

Format & how to book

There are many different issues that can be explored on a one-to-one basis, however sometimes the presence of representatives (e.g. a friend or colleague) can help shed light on problematic systems. Get in touch to find out more.

In the workplace we can help teams get rid of negative patterns which may be preventing success.


To book with us or enquire send us an email today


We tailor workshops and training to meet our client’s needs and here at Be-a-Chameleon, we pride ourselves on our client conversations, really listening to what you require and providing you with the best course of action.
Contact us today for more information about Be-a-Chameleon’s approach to success.

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