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Business Solutions

The tools to succeed on the global scene

Our Business Solutions can prepare you and your company for global success with workshops specifically aimed at realigning your business strategy, getting your team to work together effectively, identifying those areas which will boost your business and ensure any mergers and acquisitions go smoothly and efficiently.

Systemic Management

Our Systemic Management workshop will uncover any issues which lead to client loss and poor business growth. And through a systemic intervention we can rectify this and ensure your business is realigned.


Facilitation sessions include our expert facilitator accompanying you to meetings to assist in bringing structure to your decisions and ultimately reaching your goals.

Team Building

Team Building workshops look at team cohesion and how to better develop understanding between team members, resolving issues which arise through poor communication or misunderstanding. This includes both face to face and virtual teams.

Negotiation Skills
for women leaders

Negotiation Skills for Women Leaders offers vital insight into negotiating salary or promotion. This workshop can especially help you succeed if you work in a predominately male industry

Systemic Management

Complex issues may sometimes have simple solutions


  LEARN why your company may be facing problems regarding strategy or staff retention, and the impact of the CEO or business owner on the company

  UNDERSTAND why these issues and patterns are occurring

  GAIN an insight and a clear image of what is happening within your company, team or business strategy and find potential solutions

 Examples of Systemic Management Topics

  • Where do loyalties lie?
  • What is the role of the company Founder within the company?
  • The right to belong (For example are the business owners known to all, is their story known across the company? )
  • Information on important economic and business decisions
  • Dynamics of the organisation
  • How to optimize decision-making

Benefits of this workshop

  • Bring back harmony and equilibrium to your company or team
  • Find potential solutions to the problems uncovered during the approach
  • Understand your place within the company system or your team´s system
  • Find out what has been preventing your business or team from performing efficiently

Format & how to book

This workshop can last half a day or a day. Sometimes it can be a matter of hours, depending on how complex your issue might be.

Send us an email to find out more about systemic management or book with us:




  LEARN how to structure decisions, identify potential challenges and successes and how to implement strategies successfully

  UNDERSTAND how to use your facilitator to reach your objective. Your facilitator will help guide you every step of the way and make sure you reach your final objective

  GAIN insight from your facilitation session

Structure of the facilitation

The process is tailored to your needs and once we have identified how we can support you we will be able to give you an overview of the facilitation structure.

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs or find out more

Benefits of using facilitation

  • The facilitator is neutral and will have an objective view on discussions
  • He/ She will structure outcomes and make sure everyone gets involved in the process
  • You will achieve the objective of your meeting in a structured and timely fashion
  • The facilitator will use creative techniques

Format & how to book

Facilitation processes do not have a fixed time frame – the duration will depend on your project and desired outcome
Email us today to explore how we can help

Team Building

(Virtual or face-to-face)


  LEARN about your team and your team mates

  UNDERSTAND what makes you different and what makes you similar, and why you may have trouble communicating or building relationships

  GAIN the cultural competency to understand your team mates and to understand how to resolve conflicts should they arise

Structure of the workshop

This workshop will be tailored to your needs but usually it will explore the following topics:

  • Do you know your team mates?
  • What makes you different and what makes you similar?
  • How can you work better together? Identify the do´s and don´ts for your team and how to resolve conflict
  • Create a team ‘motto’ to bring cohesion
  • Perform at your best together

The Team Building workshop uses exercises, facilitation of discussions and reflections, but will be tailored to your team whether it is a virtual or a face-to-face team.

Benefits of this workshop

  • Understand your cultural preferences as well as your team mates’ preferences
  • Understand and respect your team mates’ culture
  • Bridge the gaps between cultures and learn to adapt to each other
  • Get practical examples, tips and hints on how to successfully work together and how to resolve conflicts effectively

Format & how to book

This is a one-day workshop but can be condensed to half a day if necessary. However, we believe that a one-day workshop will give your team building exercises and reflections
Email enquiries or to book with us today

Negotiation Skills for women leaders

Get in touch with us to learn more about the programs we offer and how we can support your women leaders 


We tailor workshops and training to meet our clients needs and here at Be-a-Chameleon, we pride ourselves on our client conversations, really listening to what you require and providing you with the best course of action.
Contact us today for more information about Be-a-Chameleon’s approach to success.

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