Be A Chameleon | Borneo Part 1 – Sabah Region, Sandakan and Sukau
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Borneo Part 1 – Sabah Region, Sandakan and Sukau

Borneo Part 1 – Sabah Region, Sandakan and Sukau

Whilst working and living in Singapore, and being in such a strategic place for travelling I developed a strong interest for Malaysia and traveled quite a lot to Kuala Lumpur for work and on week ends to beautiful Islands such as Pulau Langkawi, Pulau Tioman, Pulau Tenggol and many more.

However for longer periods of time, a friend and myself decided to go and uncover the secrets of Malaysian Borneo, which fascinated us by its beautiful landscapes, and tales of headhunters !

We started our journey flying from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and from KL to Sandakan which is known for its Orang Outan Sanctuary. We stayed in Sandakan for a few days in a small cottage (no need to say that it was full of cockroaches which the local found quite funny as they always had to help us get rid of them !) Oh and I forgot to mention that we were two girls, so for the Malaysian boys it was quite funny to come at our rescue !

We visited the Orang Outan rehabilitation center / Sanctuary where specialist gathered lost or injured Orang Outans and rehabilitated them for the wildlife. The jungle was beautiful, very large plants which were as tall as we were and a wildlife constantly present, it was an amazing feeling to be in the middle of such beauty !

We spent the next few days visiting Sandakan and knowing more about its history and a very tragic part which was the invasion by the Japanese during the 2nd World War. Japanese people are not well seen in this part of the world as they destroyed and killed many allies and locals and had the thirst to rule over Asia. As westerners, we recognize that the Japanese were very brutal but we didn´t see it from a local perspective !

We visited the town center and the water house quarter. From there we took a boat to Sukau, a little town alongside the river where we would stay the night. On the way we had rain and wind but could still admire the beauty of the landscape and the houses made of wood which were full of solar panels. After a few hours we arrived in Sukau, had a little rest around some banana fritters and tea ! At dawn we were taken on a night cruise to see the night wildlife, it was breath-taking and amazing !

The next day we went back to Sandakan and on the way we spotted Proboloscis monkeys, pigme elephants, monitor lizards and heard all the birds chanting.

We came back to our little cottage which the hotel upgraded for us probably because they felt sorry for us and the fact that we were scared of cockroaches !

The next day we left for Tawau in the South of Sabah for a sea adventure, more to come soon 🙂

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